CHRISTIAN MUSHENKO is an award winning photographer with a rich history. His great-grandfather, a balloonist in the Tzar's army, escaped from the Ukraine, moved to Massachusetts where he started an apple orchard and raised his family. This early connection to nature led to a sensitivity to his environments that shaped Christian.

CHRISTIAN's desire to create and share something of beauty extended to his career as a photographer/DOP, director, with a style rich in feeling and humanity. Moving across the globe in his childhood gave him a wanderlust that fuels his empathy, to connect with people, to tell their stories. Never resting, he sees life as an adventure, and challenges as possibilities!

With an easy going nature, and years of experience, this makes CHRISTIAN MUSHENKO adaptable, easily overcoming obstacles with a smile, producing work that clients love around the world, from Australia to Asia, Europe to USA. He still gets a thrill when the light is just right and he's capturing the moment of real connection.