I opened Janice Moses Represents, my boutique agency, after an unforgettable chapter as a Stylist and then Photo Editor at Playboy Magazine. I began my career in the Photo department, where I worked as a props and wardrobe stylist—producing print shoots for magazine covers, pictorials, fashion layouts, food stories, in-house ads, calendars, and editor for the famous "girl next door" Playmate features. I managed projects across all divisions of the business: U.S. and foreign editions, hotels, casinos, clubs, model agencies, video production. And I worked directly with Hugh Hefner, presenting my ideas for magazine features and annual calendars at monthly meetings. I was on the road 180 days a year, scouting locations and producing shoots, and I wouldn't have missed a minute. It was the height of this revolutionary magazine's success, and I shot with some of the most talented photographers in the industry.

When I left Playboy, I moved to New York, and opened my business as a rep. I took on photographers, stylists, and make-up artists, bringing some sterling editorial skills into the world of advertising. In collaboration with top creatives, my artists produced advertisements for leading brands, including Bose, TJMaxx, Elizabeth Arden to name only a few, plus every major agency that is listed on our client page. Then, in 2009, sensing a change in the industry, I entered the virtual world, and became one of the first agents to represent CGI artists. My studios crafted conceptual digital content for stills, and soon, for animations. This journey into motion opened doors to a new kind of digital media, and fed the appetite of the pharma agency world. With my iPads under my arm, I could share this highly impactful work and form new partnerships that flourished. By bringing together photography and digital artistry, we produced creative imagery from lifestyle shoots to still life, from portraits to composites with live action into cgi backgrounds; all this for the music and publishing industries, and for an abundance of advertising agencies.

Now, in the post-pandemic era, re-invention feels essential again. Today Janice Moses Represents is very proud to feature award-winning photographers, directors, and multi-talented CGI studios with recognition from L [A] Lüerzer's Archive for our roster of 200Best [Photographers] and 200Best [Digital Artists] Worldwide. And in the next journey into the unknown, we recently welcomed our first Adobe-recognized AI Digital Artist, who brings inspiration and adventure to a brand new kind of artistry. We offer a full range of on-set and off-set production services, and are ready for the next campaign.

Special thanks to our clients and artists who trust us with their fine work; and massive appreciation to our tech support and marketing partners!